I have arrived. I mean, you have arrived.

This marks the start of a more conscious attempt at documenting thoughts and sharing them with a wider, more public audience.*

Right now, there are five categories (see below) but click here if you prefer reading these from the most recent, regardless of categories.

  • Learning Journal, where I document thoughts and reflect on various issue areas.
  • Scribbles, where I scribble – poetry, unstructured chunks of thoughts and/or emotions, etc.
  • The Walk, where I write about my walk with God, as a means (writing) to an end (knowing Him better, enjoying His presence more).
  • Personal Financial Planning [PFP], where I share lessons learnt and tools on the subject.
  • Projects, where I document interesting…projects (yes…what else, right?)

I intend to set up a page on Personal Financial Planning [done!], one on my walk with God [done!] and if a particular category within my learning journal becomes really prominent, it could get a page of its own as well. We’ll see.

*Also intended to serve as a resource bank of sorts, expected to come in handy when I’m approached for an opinion / advice – having some links and fleshed out ideas might just be better than scrambling and cobbling together thoughts.