On Imperfection

I thought I saw an ocean, of logic and reason. But I was mistaken; there was nothing there, nothing more than a cesspool of self-righteousness.

If I were man falling off a cliff, I’d grab at anything, everything. Until I realise that I can’t do it on my own.

Perhaps then, I’ll try convincing myself that I was imperfect to begin with. Oh wells, we all know I’m imperfect, right? 

Once again, I start my search for the ocean. I drink, thirstily, from the words of a gazillion writers. They tell me I’m “just a photo — a representation, an image, a sketch of the real thing” and I nod. Yes! They tell me too, that, you should be winning me over through “chaste and respectful behaviour” and I recall (or even, conjure) the times you weren’t “chaste and respectful”, and I nod once more. Yes!

Even as something, someone inside said, “No…”, I said, “Yes!”

I guess, that’s when You decided enough was enough and showed me this.

Really!? Husbands, really!?

It’s not that the writers have not done their homework or interpreted Biblical texts wrongly. I don’t think I’m qualified to critique their thoughts.

It’s more of, “Really!?” Am I luxuriating in my imperfection now? What’s more, am I placing myself on a throne saying, “Hear hear! Woman, heard that?”

I couldn’t have been more ashamed.

I still seek refuge in Christ, my source of hope who’s “perfected for all time those who are being sanctified”. I simply think that, calls for women to love their imperfect husbands, if they must be made, should be made with great vigilance. And readers of such articles must exercise the same vigilance – guard our hearts, for Satan’s greatest weapons are half-truths, not lies.

There’s no room for anyone else on the throne. Before God, we’re all equals. It appears to me, thus, that while we recognise our brokenness, we should also be equally comforted by how our imperfect love still “fulfils the law and pleases the perfection-demanding God”, but only, if I may add, only if He’s still on that throne we love sitting on.

And therefore, Three Ways to Love Your Imperfect Husband Other Half:

  1. Pray for Him/Her
  2. Encourage Him/Her
  3. Die to Yourself

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