Project: V-day Choco Flowers

Valentine’s Day 2017

The Problem…

Was not V-Day. Hahaha 😛 The problem was the incredible amount of plastic cutlery we have at home.

And so…

Choco-flowers! 🙂 Using plastic spoons, wooden chopsticks, a penknife, some tape and Ferrero Rocher’s.

  1. Pick some plastic spoons, compare their strengths
  2. Slice crosses on them and insert the wooden chopstick through them, starting with the most sturdy of them spoons (play around a little here~)
  3. Tape the chocos on, and you’re done!
V-Day Choco Flower
V-Day Choco Flower

Project: Steam Diverter/Collector

Our rice cooker’s unfortunately placed under kitchen cupboards. Steam rises and has started to affect the wood in these cupboards.

Assuming the rice cooker can’t be moved, how might the steam be diverted?

#1 100plus bottle cut out to catch and collect steam.

Result: Steam was successfully diverted and collected but the plastic bottle lost structural integrity upon prolonged contact with steam.

#2 Pringles can cut out to catch and collect steam.

Result: Steam was successfully collected with the lid on, though some of the back-flowing water leaked out of the hole cut. The can also became dangerously hot and difficult to handle after a while.

Tried a different variation by extending the can into an “exhaust pipe” contraption, but the varying velocity of the steam output made it difficult to direct the pipe in an appropriate direction.

Update: My mum bought a new rice cooker and shifted it to another part of the kitchen without cupboards overhead. Hah.