Mega-Urban Regions (MURs) in Asia

Based on the reading:

Jones and M. Douglass, eds., (2008) The Rise of Mega-Urban Regions in Pacific Asia – Urban Dynamics in a Global Era (Singapore: Singapore University Press).

I appreciate the author’s approach of a “local-global” framework, when analysing the Mega-Urban Regions (MURs) in Pacific Asia. In particular, I quite like the layered analysis involving (1) the image of the conventional Western megapolis which served as comparison, (2) the historical contexts of the different MURs, and (3) how the MURs have each been linked to the global economy in different ways at different times.

Among the demographic and transition-linked factors of the morphology of MUR expansion in Pacific Asia, I am most intrigued by the interactions between the socio-political “local” and the economic “global”.

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